So is HDCP 2.2 supported, 4K, HDR, VRR, Dolby vision?

Yes, the box supports this, YouTube and Netflix can use it, too!

Does this work for pc gaming?

As long as you are connected to a monitor with HDMI or USB, then the box can be used

What if our TV or computer has only one HDMI or USB?

Don't worry, we will provide an HDMI and USB conversion head for every order for free, which will not affect your normal use.

Our computer is an IOS system, can it be used?


Is this product only available for Android smart TVs?

Both Android TV and Pc can be used, as is satellite TV.

How does it work

When connected to a TV or PC, it will recognize the color around the screen, and each area around the screen corresponds to the color of a part of the light bar. There is almost no delay. You only need to purchase the corresponding size of the TV or PC light bar to correspond to the color of the light bar in the area.