Snatchbles™ - Heart of the Ocean
Snatchbles™ - Heart of the Ocean
Snatchbles™ - Heart of the Ocean

Snatchbles™ - Heart of the Ocean

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From the award-winning film. Everyone witnessed the elegance and beauty of this blue diamond necklace on the chest of Kate Winslet.
Discover the ever-resplendent Heart of the Ocean Necklace which boasts the exquisitely unique features of the original one.
High-Quality Materials Used
This pristine necklace is made up of the finest Austrian Crystals, handpicked quality rhinestones, and perfect rhodium plating for the best durability and shine exposure. 
It is not made up of plastic like you see on mediocre necklaces.
Proven Head-Turner
Prepare yourself to be coveted by your office mates, friends, and even family members when you lay your hands on this quintessential masterpiece.
You will never walk in shame upon possessing this necklace of great value. May it be the acquisition for sentimental reasons or the luxurious glamour will never fail to impress.
A Dream Come True
Several feedbacks we got from the customers state that this particular necklace is their childhood dream.
We are ecstatic to bring children, teenagers, mothers, and grandmothers their dream necklace.